Thursday, February 5, 2009

A throne is only a bench covered in velvet.

I refurbished Annika's bench yesterday. She got the bench from Grampy and uses it every day; whether she is sitting in it while we play school or using it as a bed for her Barbies. All the use has left it dinged and covered in crayon marks. I repainted it a creamy white and decided to make a cute pillow for it. I actually had a pillow case that I had acquired from Goodwill a long time ago because I loved the pattern. And the tag inside the pillowcase revealed that was made in NYC (not made in China??? Unheard of.) It was such a rarity, (and only $1) so I bought it and figured I would find a use for it someday. Well, yesterday was the day. I decided to fill it with down and make a nice, soft cushion. BAAADDDD idea. Working with feathers was one of my worst ideas in a long time! Let's just say we ended up with feathers from the cat dish to Acadia's hair. Annika just loved playing with them. And, after all the work to fill and sew the pillow, the feathers are popping right through. Ahhhh. So, now Annika really loves the pillow on her bench and wants me to fix it... off to the craft store to get some better fill.

At least it looks cute, for now....

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