Friday, February 6, 2009

Ms. Inspector Gadget

Damn those impulse check-out purchases! But this one's a keeper. I picked up the coolest gadget the other day for $1.49. It's called a Nana Saver and is like a chip clip for a half eaten banana. I know my childless friends are saying "Seriously, who can't eat a whole banana???"

But I often only put half a banana in a bowl of cereal or into a smoothie and then, within minutes, the other half is so gross and squishy I have to throw it away. For $1.49, I like the return on investment.

Sidenote: When I was looking for a photo to go along with this blog, it popped up on Of course, that is me, the nerd, researching my Nana Saver.


  1. ah ha ... i always have a 1/2 of a banana sitting on the side of the sink ... hoping to get eaten soon - before it gets too yucky! ... i'm adding to my list ...

  2. I literally spotted that tonight at wallyworld and thought to myself...what tha hell will they think of next?!

    I can't keep a bunch of bananas around long enough to even get a half of one for myself. What they need to invent is an avocado saver! Those little green things are expensive to lose.