Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Take the Damn Nuk!

As a mom of 3, I have long been active in the Nuk (binky, pacifier, suss) debate. Should you give them to your child? How long should a child have them? Is it appropriate for a child to have one 24/7? I have always founds Nuks an effective and harmless way to soothe a baby. I would rather my child used one than sucked her thumb, since you can at least take the Nuk away at some point.

But really, my opinions on this whole issue hold no water. I can't give an educated theory on the issue since I am on my third child who will NOT take a Nuk! Oh, and I have tried with all three. Ariana took it as a tiny baby a little bit, but by 2 or 3 months she was done. Annika never really took one. And now, at 6 months, Acadia still won't take one. I still try every once in awhile. Colby will walk by, look at her as she gnaws on it and give me that "who are you kidding?" look. It just seems as if it would be so much easier if she would. I see these moms who's babies make one little fuss, they stick the binky in and the baby is perfect. Magic. Don't get me wrong, Acadia rarely (if ever) fusses. (Neither did the other two.) I want the magic button to work at night when she wakes up. As it is, I am still feeding her twice per night. And I know this is causing a vicious cycle of 'I am hungry so you feed me, you feed me so I am hungry.' If I continue to feed her, her body will continue to expect those late night meals. However, if she would just take the damn Nuk and be satiated with that, the cycle would be broken.

Yes, I know, there are many of you saying "What the hell is she complaining about? I have been trying to ween my baby of his Nuk forever." Well, the grass is always greener....

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