Friday, January 23, 2009

Only 14 years to go...

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Kids Only Appreciate Their Parents When They Turn 22


A new study suggests that children finally come to appreciate their parents when they reach the age of 22, according to

A poll of 5,000 families showed that a quarter of children admitted that they missed their parents care after they moved away from home.

"But by the time they reach their teens, they are learning to develop as individuals, which means they naturally push against everything parents are trying to teach them," said a spokesman for the study. "Teenagers are headstrong, emotional and independent, and at this point mum and dad become uncool, stifling and over-protective"

He added, "But when kids leave home and start to fend for themselves, they no longer have to conform to their parents' ways and rebel against their suggested habits."

About 78 percent of people surveyed said that it wasn't until they were settled themselves that they began to appreciate the difficulties that their parents faced.

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