Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Baby Girl

She's getting so big already. We went for her 4 month appointment (yes, we were a month late!)on Tuesday (more on that fiasco later) and she is in the 99th percentile for her height. She's tall just like her sisters. She got a couple of shots and, other than that, she is doing great!

So, my day on Tuesday... where do I start? Let's see, Ariana has chorus on Tuesdays, which has me packing 3 girls into the car at around 7:30am to get Ariana over to the school. As we were rushing around, I realize my keys were MIA! Ahhhh!!! This always happens to me when I need to be somewhere! I ask Annika, and of course she has no idea where she put them. Anyhow, as I rush past the bulletin board, I see the notice I pinned there that Ariana does not have chorus this week. Phew, that buys me a few minutes until we should be getting in the car for Acadia's doctors appointment. I get Ariana out to the bus and continue my search. By about 8:30, I realize that I am not going to make the appointment at 9 (after an impromptu bath to clean up Acadia's disastrous blow-up of her bum!) Still no keys, so I call Colby in Vermont to ask where the spare went... no idea! Ok, I need to call to reschedule. Look for the emergency number list and it is also MIA. of course. And, hmmm, the backup in on the Mac, which is currently broken. Ok, no big deal, pull up the internet on the PC to get the number... hmmm... internet not working. I go to the phone and, sure enough, phone line is dead! The phone line dies here for a couple of days every few weeks... sure wish I knew someone in the phone company who could take care of that! So, 'phone book' you say? Ummm, no. I throw all those away since we always look our phone numbers up ONLINE! Damn it! Next option (now it is 9 o'clock) I call 411 on my cell. It answers "Verizon Wireless 411" and then rings to no answer. I hang up and send Colby a text, as he is in the middle of a training "Need doctor's phone number." No answer from him. Call back 411 and I am able to get the number. I call and reschedule to 2:30. Just as I hang up, I realize that there would be no way to get back home from that to meet Ariana from the bus. Crap, I am not calling back to reschedule again, we are already 6 weeks late for her 4 month appointment from all the rescheduling! I will just go get Ariana early from school and bring her along.
(Text from Colby "Dr. Oliveira?" An hour later? "Never mind.")
Annika remembers where she left the keys, I watch what I can of the inauguration (another post later for that) & get the 2 little ones into the car. At the school, I unpack them & tote them inside (that car seat and baby girl are becoming quite heavy these days.) I go to the office & excuse Ariana. We wait in the hallway for her and I see the PTA secretary coming my way. Oh, no, she is quite a talker. 'Please, not today,' is all I can think. Sure enough, here she comes just as Ariana rounds the corner. "Michele! Did you leave a crockpot here during Applefest?" Yes, I did, but do I look like I have extra hands to take it right now???? "Yes." "Well, let's go get it, before we forget again." Ughhh, get the crockpot, maneuver Ariana's TWO book bags AND Acadia so Ariana can carry the crockpot. Annika carries a lid, and we are off to the car. (Leaving out all the small talk, isn't your baby cute, blah blah blah!)

To the doctor, all goes ok, aside from being a few minutes late! Back in the car, home. Run Ariana and dress her for her dress rehearsal to go back to dance academy. They all get a cheese stick (well, Acadia got a bottle and a diaper change.) Back in the car, get Ariana to dance, trudge 3 kids inside, talk to the other moms, watch for a few minutes and Annika is out of control. Back to the car with the little ones and we head home. I can pick up the house for 15 minutes before headed back to get Ariana. Thankfully, Annika & Acadia both fell asleep so I can clean up a bit.

Back to pick up Ariana, head back home. It is now 7 o'clock and we haven't had dinner/bathed/practiced piano/ done homework... etc. But I won't bore you with the events of our evening!

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