Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom Jeans Part 2

Ok, I have to go there... I have seen people talking recently (well, blogging, actually) regarding Jessica Simpsons recent appearance at a chili cook off in Texas. People have called her fat and made reference to her weight gain. I think any normal woman would still be happy to have her body, she is beautiful. With that said, what the heck is with the outfit??? I mean, she has stylist, shoppers, assistants... a boyfriend. Who the heck let her out in public in this outfit? I am, by no means, a fashion maven. You will find me in a tshirt & jeans most days, but this outfit is not the outfit of a 28 year old pop icon. I actually remember my mom in this identical outfit circa 1985 (ok, minus the leopard print belt). I am pretty sure if she was in normal clothes, she would have gotten way less press coverage.

Way less coverage than that 10 inch zipper is giving her!

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