Friday, January 23, 2009

Disney on Ice... and mudslides?

I took Ariana, Kaitlyn, Annika and Acadia to see Disney on Ice last night. It was really fun, Annika danced around, Acadia squealed in delight and Ariana & Kaitlyn watched intently. Not to sound as if taking 4 children, by myself, to a large venue was an easy task... because it was NOT!

We walked the couple of blocks from where we parked to the Verizon Wireless Arena. Acadia was snuggly in her sling and Ariana & Kaitlyn were behaved as they normally are... uhhh, Annika... well you, know, she's Annika. At the door, Ariana & Kaitlyn quickly make it through as I had given them their tickets. The Verizon Wireless Arena Door Nazi Ticket Checker abruptly stopped me and asked to check my bag. This is my messenger bag that holds my camera, phone, diapers, wipes, money, granola bars, cheese sticks, water bottles, baby bottles, etc. etc... I quickly opened the bag while struggling to hold Annika close by. As Columbo spotted the baby bottle, he asked, "What's in there?" Seriously?
"Um, baby formula."
"What else would it be???"
I furrowed my brow at him the best I could. Ok, buddy... surely you recognize that I just walked in here with FOUR children. I will be happy not to lose one of the children not attached to me in a sling... sober. Let alone, under the influence of ANYTHING.
"Hey, you don't know what type of stuff I see here." He clearly noted my annoyance.
I gave him my biggest, most disgusted sigh as I ripped my bag from his hands and stormed off to the nearest beer vendor. (Joking!)

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