Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Family Update

Things change here every day. With 3 little girls, our lives are evolving by the minute. Acadia has learned to do 'raspberries', which is so freaking cute to watch. As she grows, she looks more like Ariana and myself. It's those eyes. Although I am not sure where those eyes come from... I don't see my eyes in either my mom or my dad.

Annika is looking forward to Disney on Ice next week. She absolutely loves princesses and ice skating, so it will be perfect. She has actually been before. But at around 2 months old, she probably doesn't remember! This outing will be quite a feat for me. With Colby laid up, I have to take Acadia, Annika, Ariana & Kaitlin to the show all by myself! If I survive this, I think I should get Mother of the Year.

Ariana has been selected to perform in a show on Saturday that is to raise money for a local theater. It is beautiful old theater that has been around since 1904 and has many great shows throughout the year.

Colby is trying his hardest to catch up at work. With the Fairpoint switchover coming in a couple of weeks, it is very chaotic. He will be away the first few days of next week to train in Vermont.

The next couple of weeks will be really hard on me. My biological father is going to be in Boston for a partial lung removal. I don't deal well with people close to me in pain and I have mixed feelings about him and the situation he has created for himself. I will most likely be spending a lot of time with him at the hospital since he will be hundreds of miles from his home and all alone. He has the operation tomorrow and I pray that he makes it through ok. Even if he does, he will most likely be on oxygen for the rest of his life. I forsee this not mixing well with his heinous smoking habit.

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