Thursday, January 1, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

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Here are some of our favorite Christmas gifts... We all got magazine subscriptions from my mom, which is a great gift that will keep giving all year long.
• The girls love their legos; they each got a new pink set and they are good for keeping the girls entertained for at least a half hour, which is great for my girls.
• I absolutely love my new mixing bowls. I have already used them multiple times in the last few days. They are unique in that they have a pourable spout, which makes them great to make pancakes and things like that.
• Colb loves his new Super Mario Galaxy, it so reminds me of my youth, sitting and playing Mario Brothers for hours. Although the graphics on this game are simply amazing and quite trippy.
• Of course, as I have already mentioned quite a few times in this blog... the Wii Fit is a definite hit with us all.
• Ariana and I each got new blankies that we love. I made Ariana's new blanket with some of her old baby clothes and I got a nice big, warm 'cotton cashmere' blanket from my parents that is sooo cozy.

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