Monday, January 26, 2009

Rock & Roll

Acadia rolled over for the first time yesterday! Which is quite a feat since she seems to be a chunky monkey. She eats a lot of food now. I have made her sweet potatoes, pears and squash... and no matter what it is, she will eat a huge helping mixed with cereal. I bought some carrots and peas to try next and I think I will puree them a little less and see if she can handle some more texture. I think I will also buy some Arrowroot cookies since she has been trying to eat crackers the past couple of days. Just the thought of those cookies and how squishy and messy they can become brings back scary memories. It's pretty much a guaranteed bath after a baby 'eats' one.

Side note: We took Annika out of her night time pull-ups a couple of months ago and she has not had one accident! (I really only note this since I use my blog to remember things when I write in the girls' journals and I wanted to remember to give her these accolades in her journal.)

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