Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 is here...

Time for a family update...

Acadia has become adept at grabbing things. She is at that stage where everything looks interesting to her. You'll find her staring at her toes for a long time as she furrows her brow, as if they are creatures from an unknown planet. We got her a jumperoo right before Christmas so she is loving her time bouncing away. She is still waking up a lot throughout the night, which is making for an exhausted Michele, but we know that this can only last for so long...

Annika is as rambunctious as ever, causing trouble wherever she goes. She tried ice skating for the second year. Colby said she did pretty well and can walk on her skates now, which is better than last year. She is still having a blast with a lot of her Christmas presents... she likes the Wii Fit, she likes her Littlest Per Shop pets, she likes her matchbox cars (although we seemed to have gone from 10 down to one already.) All of the toys are still pretty much scattered all over her room from Christmas. Her most favorite thing right now is the soft pastels that I bought her... she fancies herself quite an artist. However, we will not be replacing them as she uses them up as they are the messiest art supply I have ever seen. I am still wiping fingerprints off my walls.

Ariana had a fun break with lots of family & friends over. She, too, had a blast ice skating on her new skates. We let her have a very relaxing vacation, since this week will be the start of her competition dance season and back to piano lessons. She will be very busy for the next 2 months. She got some more advanced books for Christmas and she seems to be liking those... although we need to start getting back to the library for our books since we have already outgrown two full bookshelves in our house!

Colby is preparing himself for the big Verizon/Fairpoint switchover at the end of the month, which means a few very hectic weeks for him and some very long days. He has said that he will be trying to join me in getting more fit after next weekend (he is spending the weekend up north) so he is trying to get in all of his junk food eating/ beer drinking/ lounging on the couch now.

I am doing very well with my new fitness goals. I worked out 6 out of 7 days since I started, I have had no lattes, no beer and very limited snacks. (I did have 2 beers on New Years Eve, but I did plan on that when I started this journey. This is probably why most people start dieting on New Years Day.) Thankfully, I like healthy food, so that part is easy for me. I have had lots of tofu, baby spinach, squash soup and air popped popcorn (thanks to my new popcorn popper... yay!) But that is all food I really like, so it's pretty easy. The hard part is not eating chocolates and cookies and cakes and all the sweets I love.

(Please excuse any typos in this post. My Mac seems to have died and I am typing this on Ariana's computer, which I cannot find the 'auto spellcheck' setting on.)

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