Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Time Has Come

As much as I dread it, it is time... time to lose my baby weight. The realization really hit me when we went on the Polar Express... we were to wear our pj's and I usually wear sweatpants to bed. So, I put on my sweatpants & t-shirt as to be in the spirit of the trip. But, I then caught a look at myself in the mirror and was horrified! This should not be seen in public. Thank goodness I was going to wear a long jacket to cover the offending bum! Just so we are clear, I now weigh more than when I came home from the hospital with Acadia. And it is not my actual weight that is an issue, since I am within a healthy range for my height. It is where I carry the weight. I still look thin on the top, but the extra 15 pounds rests in a small area between my belly button and my knees. Ewww!!! I look like a pear! But it is the health factors that come along with carrying fat around your mid section that bothers me more: it is a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancers. And, thanks to my new Wii Fit that I got for Christmas, I have proof that I am not healthy. The tests on the Wii Fit put my age somewhere in the late 40's! How pathetic am I?

So, starting tomorrow, I will be cutting back on the beer, snacks and my mocha lattes. I will also be committed to getting on the Wii every day and tracking my progress through my BMI, weight and Fit Age. I am excited to try the yoga program since I have started to really feel my age in the past couple of years and I could use some flexibility and stamina training. Thankfully, Ariana & Annika like the Wii Fit, so they will love to race with me or ski with me... not that they need any more exercise.
I will track my progress in my blog, which should shame me even further into staying on track. Stay tuned....

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  1. ahhh ... the crappy belly button to knees range - that has always been my range & looks even funnier with my small boobs! - i am still working on my 10; which i'm sure is closer to 15 now i have eaten so many peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss on top from xmas. ugh. you are beautiful outside & in ... can't wait to see you - it's been too long!