Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Fit

One of my favorite websites that I visit everyday is The Consumerist. It has great stories that make me laugh and keep me up on anything involving consumerism. I have actually posted a couple of the articles here on my blog since they really are very relevant.

So, my first day on my way to fit went pretty well. I had no lattes/snacks/beer. I kept my calorie count to about 880 thanks to an awesome squash soup I made. My parents brought down some squash from their garden when they were here for Christmas. I made it into a tasty soup which is very low in calories. I had this soup for breakfast & as a late night snack. Yummy. The hardest part was looking at the pie, cake & cookies sitting on the counter! And then this morning the smell of the chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes as I cooked them... It is very hard not to sneak a little bite.

I was also able to put my time in on the Wii Fit. (My fit age came down to 38!) This really is a great product. The whole family can get involved and have a blast. Yesterday was a perfect example... Ariana is on vacation and the kids get really restless after a couple of hours inside. But, unfortunately, with the recent warm weather, it was quite muddy and icky outside. So, we were able to hook up the Wii and go skiing, walk a tightrope, run foot races (I kicked both of their butts!), head some soccer balls and lots of other stuff. Of course, it does not replace actually getting outside and getting fresh air, but on rainy, muddy days, it is a fun game that gets those hearts pumping.

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