Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are You Experienced?

Trouble thinking of gifts this year? Does your loved one already have too much stuff? Don't we all have too much stuff?
Think of getting them a memory or an experience... Any parent of young children knows that the best gift is a night out with your significant other. The best gift I could get would be an IOU for childcare along with a gift certificate for a dinner out.
You could also get tickets to an event.... of course, make sure you use ticketfromtheweb.com. You can get sports event tickets for a sports lover, concert tickets for a music efficenado, theater tickets and much more. At a time when we are very concerned about being green and reducing waste, what a great way to give someone you love a memory that will last a lifetime.
Another great gift certificate for an experience would either be to Vintners Cellar or Incredibrew. At Vitners Cellar, you can make and bottle your own wine. It seems like a nice night out with your girlfriends or husband. At Incredibrew, you can brew and bottle your own batch of beer at a very reasonable price. This can also be a fun night out with friends or family.
Another option to provide a fun experience is to get a gift that will culminate in fun with the family. A good example is something like ice skates. You can give them at Christmas and then they can be enjoyed for many months and lots of fun can be had.

Your loved one will appreciate your creativity and the great time.

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