Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week In Review

We had a long week here. Tuesday night the girls & I stayed up late making loads of chocolate chip cookies for Colb to share with his coworkers. Although he ended up working for about 30 hours straight and never had the enegry to go deliver them all... so we ate lots of cookies this week.

Thanksgiving Ariana & I kept with tradition and volunteered at Edgewood Center nursing home in Portsmouth. Of course, the residents loved her and we had a great day making people smile. I left Colby with a turkey stuffing meatloaf, which he seemed to enjoy. After volunteering, Ariana & I headed to Maine to see my father. That was... interesting. He was happy to have us and our fresh baked pumpkin pie, apparently his favorite.
Friday was a long day for me, working around 11 hours and doing a little shopping. Kaitlin came over to keep Ariana company for a couple of days and they had a blast. The rest of our weekend was fairly uneventful, except the multiple visits from our good friends Jeff & Kell, who just could not seem to get their car home from our house. Another week... come... and gone.

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