Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sexism Blah Humbug!

As I have been researching my pink Tonka trucks, I have run into a ridiculous debate over Christmas toys. Apparently people are appalled that there are gender specific toys like kitchens and Tonka trucks. I came across one blog of a mom who would throw out her daughters gifts if people gave her anything 'girlie.' It is so absurd. Why can't kids just play with what they want to play with? My girls like to play with Barbies, matchbox cars, Care Bears, trampolines, legos, puzzles, coloring books... etc... How would I be bettering their confidence, psyche or self esteem if I took out the Care Bears and Barbies? Shouldn't a key point of feminism be letting a little girl know she can be and do whatever she wants to do? Ariana excels at dancing, should I stop her since that is a traditional feminine activity? Should I force her to be a soccer player even though she isn't as good at it? What are you teaching your daughter if you make her play with all gender-neutral toys? I want my girls to do whatever makes them the happiest in this life. Whether they want to wear mascara & high heels or flannel and cargo pants; whether they want to be a homemaker or a doctor; whether they want to spend their days in a bikini surfing in Hawaii or bundled up climbing Mt. Everest.

So they will play with their Tonka trucks... and they will be pink, damn it!

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