Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty in Pink

It all started when Annika, Cady & I went to one of Ariana's soccer games. There were a bunch of little boys playing in the dirt of the baseball diamond. Annika joined in & was quite enamored with the Tonka truck that the boys had. When we went back for the next game, the boy had brought back the truck and Annika again took it hostage. It brought back memories of me playing with my brothers Tonka (ok, not so much playing as fighting over).

Also, we have a huge patch of dirt where we spread the new loam last spring and never planted seed. This is a favorite spot for the girls to play in. They will spend hours playing there with matchbox cars or my kitchen utensils.

So, this brings me to my Christmas shopping. I decided I would get two Tonka dump trucks (even though they are 5 years apart, Ariana & Annika still fight over every toy). And of course, with our passion for girlie, I wanted pink trucks. I can always find most anything I want to buy on the internet... but not PINK Tonka trucks!!!! As I looked at the Tonka website, the tag line is "Built for Boyhood." I guess this would explain why there are no feminine colored Tonka's. I did find a website that would pimp Tonka's for $75!!!
So, this is my new project. I will pimp my own Tonka trucks for the girls. I will go out tonight and try to find real steel Tonka's and then head to an automotive store to find some paint. I hope to come out with a product similar to the one pictured here. I know they will love them if I can pull it off and I will feel so good to give them a toy that I have put my heart and time into. Wish me luck! I will post photos as the project goes along.

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