Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Girls

I thought I would throw out a little more upbeat blog entry since this past week they have not been real sunny.

In her third month, Acadia has found her hands. She spends lots of time wringing her hands and trying to grab everything in her reach. She is still not sleeping through the night and keeps me up quite a bit.

Annika went to her first theater movie yesterday. Colby took her to see Madagascar II and she loved it (of course.) Colby said she tried to switch seats a few times, but all in all, she did well. She is very excited to go back & see another one already.

Ariana went hiking with her best buddy, Grace, on Tuesday. The girls did very well on a 5 hour hike that even had snow flurries. I am very happy that she enjoys hiking so much, I know other children her age who can't fathom climbing to the top of a mountain just to turn back and climb back down.

Ariana also got her first grades of the year and did very well. She excelled in music and reading, as usual. She has joined the chorus recently and will be performing for the school and at other places like nursing homes. I don't know how well she does in the chorus, but she certainly is convinced that she is a great singer!

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