Friday, November 7, 2008


Burton Snowboards are causing a huge controversy with their new Love line of boards. These boards feature images of Playmates from the 80's. They have already been banned at ski mountains across Vermont and caused protest outside the Burton headquarters.

I find this ironic considering what we see every day in the mainstream media. The Burton boards are pictured here on the left, just above a Calvin Klein ad that is everywhere, including on billboards for all to see. Seriously, don't we have more serious things to worry about right now??? I wouldn't necessarily be comfortable with my daughters seeing this snowboard, but it would be easier to explain than, say, why we have lost thousands of American citizens in a war over non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Burton CEO Laurent Potdevin says the company supports freedom of artistic expression and stands by the boards.


  1. wow ... people are so funny with the things they choose to "oppose" considering that ad for calvin klein is actually on city busses & billboards for all eyes to see! & it has become a norm ... it's sad, but i don't even look twice when i see stuff like that, because "skinny female bodies" are everywhere. i'm with you ... if we could stream all that nonsense contreversy energy into fighting for something significant - we might be unstoppable!

  2. So let's get some board graphics with a naked George Bush and Dick Cheney on them so we can "stomp" them to our heart's content.

  3. I bet these ladies of the 80's are STOKED to get some recognition again...not to mention the royalties. I loved the designs on all the Burton boards I've had over the years. Those bunnies were a BIG deal back then. It's retro art and I am for keeping it alive. There are more important things to protest.