Monday, October 27, 2008

Estrogen on Overload

So, if you haven't guessed by now, I went to Rhode Island to hang with Isolde & Tabatha. Isolde & I stayed in as fantastic boutique hotel in the heart of Federal Hill. As I turned down the road, the smell of all the Italian restaurants made my mouth water! It was a supercute suite located in a beautiful spot.

We stopped at Whole Foods for a bite and the liquor store for some beer and headed to the festivities. As we arrived, Tabatha was very pleasantly surprised and lookin adorable in her Halloween getup.

The night flew by with great conversation, lots of off- color joke telling, some tipsy pumpkin carving and a pouring rain storm. Isolde and I finally fell into a slumber at around 2am, and I enjoyed every minute of my undisturbed 7 hours of sleep.

Sunday was absolutely perfect. We awoke to 70 degree sunshine as we walked out into the courtyard filled Italian music. We had breakfast at our favorite spot... it is always so yummy! (Think apple/cream cheese/granola pancakes!) We then decided we needed to be outside to enjoy the sun so we took a walk, stopped in a consignment shop, grabbed a coffee and headed to the water.

The next hour or 2 was wonderful for me. We just sat by the water, skipped rocks, sipped coffee and simply talked. The female connection is so important to enjoy and indulge in whenever you can. Especially my friends... you can't do any better than them! One anti-patriarch, ultra liberal; one professional, stylish world traveler; and one artistic mom of three. It might sound as though we would be quite different, but we are all very similar. Our conversations are not filled with any sort of debate, but rather adding points in concurrence.

We talked about politics (of course), sexuality (the phenomenon of gay men and public parks), pregnancy, fashion (who the hell decided to add spandex to denim?), alcoholism, white trash/redneck lineage, innate parenting skills, birds, vacations, activity (or inactivity), love, marriage, stock market, emotional weight and probably 100 other random things. It is so nice for me to share views with other independent, dynamic, intelligent women. I told them how much I appreciated them and their friendships, as true friends are hard to come by and I have learned that lesson as we have moved geographically further apart.

The day ended with hugs and giggles in the pizza parlor parking lot. I missed them before I even pulled out of my parking spot. Until next time, my lovely ladies....

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