Friday, October 24, 2008


I posted my 300th photo on my photoblog today. That is a huge feat for me. A bullet on my 'bucket list' a couple of years ago was to take more pictures. And I would accomplish this by starting a photoblog. I really wanted to take a photo per day. I soon realized that this just is not feasible for my life. I can take a photo every day but getting it uploaded is another issue. I do, however take far more photos than I used to. And with my 300th photo, I was able to look back & see how my photography has changed over the past 2 years. It had definitely improved & expanded.

It is also such a retreat for me. Taking a photo is, if just in that moment, such a calming hobby for me. It is something I absolutely love to do. I also love that my girls will be able to look back at their life is pictures. I always envied my friend, Isolde, as her father took wonderful pictures of her & her siblings which really illuminated their stories. I try to really capture the emotion in my photos so that when they look back, they will be able to feel each moment as they recollect it.

300 and counting...

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