Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Life...

Ahhh, my life. What a life it is.

Yesterday I awoke as sick as possible, along with a very congested Acadia. We started our day well enough until Hurricane Annika took over. In the span of a few hours, she plugged an iron in and burned some pants, spilled a half gallon of milk all over my kitchen, opened all of her birthday gifts that were hidden in my closet, took out every toy she owns, yet didn't play with one, picked Cady up about 40 times... I could go on, but I won't.

Anyhow, Colby came home at around 10:30 so I could go to the doctor. All was well there so I came back home and Colby was back to work. It was a long trying afternoon with my little troublemaker and then Ariana bus was half and hour late getting her home (apparently, they had a little troublemaker aboard there also). We had to rush around madly to get both girls ready for dance, because now we were running behind. I got Ariana to dance on time and then ran with the other two over to Staples to drop some of my newborn baby stuff off to a friend (no need to keep this stuff anymore, this is definitely our LAST child!) We head back to the dance studio for Annika's class. Colby arrives soon after to relieve me so that I can attend a PTA meeting. The meeting runs long & I get home around 8:30. Colby immediately passes me Cady & I feed her. Colb shares the news... Annika has been kicked out of dance!!! We can't even pay someone to teach our child, she is so wild. Cindy told Colby that you couldn't pay her enough. (This woman has taught thousands of children for over 40 years!) Colby gets Ariana off to bed & takes Annika to read her a bedtime story. I carry Acadia into the kitchen & pick up the dinner mess as well as picking up as much as I can while holding a baby. I have decided to start Acadia on a schedule, so around 9, I put her to bed. She cries for 15 minutes as I research some stuff on the computer for my new PTA task. I get her up and rock her to sleep, back to bed she goes. I get back on the computer to research a curriculum to start working on with Annika. Acadia is back up at 10:30, Colby heads to bed and I get back to sleep at midnight.

In the end, Colby and I have found a solution for the chaos... we are going to become drunks and drown it all out!

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  1. AAAHHHH....she got booted from Dance class. aaahhahahahahha.
    What a lil'hellion. I love it.