Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Father

This is my father. Can you see the resemblance? Me neither. If he had not made me have a DNA test (yup, Jerry Springer) I might not believe he was my father. I did not meet him until I was 18. Although I grew up only miles from him, I grew up worlds apart from him. He did not exist to me for much of my life. The 'Father' portion of my birth certificate is blank and that is reflected throughout my life. From my very limited exposure to him, I know very little about him. I need to try to spend more time with him so that I can learn about my past & my children may learn about theirs. I took my 2 youngest to meet him this past weekend. They seemed to be comfortable with him and they made his eyes light up. He is a very lonely man and having his boisterous grandchildren was a highlight for him in his quiet world.

Here are some facts that I do know...

He wore trucker caps before truckers caps were cool.
He is missing a finger due to a (presumably not sober) wood chopping incident.
He was born December 10, 1944.
At least 2 of his children slept in a dresser drawer as infants.
He has not had a drivers license for over 30 years.
Due to his lack of license, he has 2 tractors that he uses to drive around his area.
He drinks Bud bottles.
He is a union worker for Bath Iron Works.
He served in the US military.
His wedding gift to me when I married was a six pack.
He has (at least) 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

That is really about all I know so far. Hopefully, if I spend more time, I will learn more....

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