Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kid Friendly

Just a tip for parents in the area...

Here are some places I have taken my children and a few details....

Mackworth Island Fairy Houses, Mackworth Island, Maine. A great hike along the island shore, where you can stop and take a dip or have a picnic. There are dozens of hidden 'fairy houses' built by the visitors of the island. It is perfect for 2-10 year old girls.

Chucksters, Contoocook, NH. A great mini golf course and batting cages. It can get very busy, so watch out if your kids are impatient. Probably not good for anyone under 5 or 6.

Kaleidoscope Children's Museum, Concord, NH. Great little activity center for children ages 2-6. It keeps my daughters entertained for a couple of hours on a rainy day. It is pretty small, so not so much fun for older children. (*Update: Kaleidoscope has since moved to Manchester and we have not visited their new location.)

Discovery Stop, Londonderry, NH. A little bigger than Kaleidcope, so it keeps older children entertained. It has a great climbing gym.

Franklin Theater, Franklin, NH. Although I am not a big fan of the town, this theater usually had some great kids performances. We saw Beauty and the Beast and Ariana loved it.

Palace Theater, Manchester, NH. They have very good productions here. Ariana & I saw A Christmas Carol. The actors were wonderful and the whole performance was very professionally done.

Papermill Theater, Lincoln, NH. A summer theater in the North Country.

Capitol Center for the Arts, Concord, NH. Great local theater for us. They offer children's programs year round and a wide variety of musicians, comics and plays.

Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH. I'd say the age is 2-7. I think it would be too young for Ariana now, although she would still enjoy it, I'm sure. You can only go once every couple of years, since nothing ever changes and the kids might bore of it.

Storyland, Glen, NH. Great for ages 3-7. Much older than that and it might be a little boring.

America's Stonehenge, Salem, NH. Don't waste your money. It was basically a hiking trail that was unkept and trashy. Oh, and I locked my keys.... and Annika in my car while I was here!!!

Daisy Beach, Concord, NH. Our secret beach that we found while canoeing. You can only get there by boat or hiking. It's a cute little sandy beach on a river with a fun rope swing. We LOVE this spot!

You're Fired, Concord, NH. We love this pottery shop. It is good for kids 5 and over. Not good for younger kids since everything is breakable and you need lots of patience to sit and paint your pottery. It is a little expensive, but go on Mini Mondays when the studio fee is half off for children. They also host birthday parties, which kids love.

York's Wild Animal Kingdom, York, Maine. This a great for a variety of ages. There are rides for 2 or 3 year olds up to 8 or 9 year olds. And the animals appeal to a wide range of ages. We could make a trip here every year and the kids would enjoy it.


  1. you were in Londonderry at some point and didn't even say hello.... tisk tisk

  2. We go to the York Park every year! My kids love it and its like $10 per kid for endless amusement park rides!