Thursday, October 23, 2008

I saw a very sad news story yesterday. It was about the economy and how our spending is affected. Walmart has not seen a downturn in a lot of areas (shock) since when the economy is down, people are turning to discount chains to save money. The spokesperson was saying how their busiest time is the first few days of the month. The newswoman commented "Thats makes sense since that is when most of us get paid. Wait. Most of us get paid? I'd say the majority of people are paid every week or at least biweekly. I am pretty sure the only population paid at the start of the month is welfare & social security. But, I digress. The majority of Walmart's baby formula is sold at the start of he month. This means that the people who are paid monthly purchase their formula in bulk at the start of the month. But, as the analyst pointed out, you can not possibly predict how much formula baby is going to drink for a whole month. There should surely be another spike as they run out near the end of the month, but there isn't. So, what are these people feeding their babies as they run out? Water, milk? It is a sad state of our economy when this situation is going on.

This reminds me of another random thing. I found out when I had Annika that the Concord Walmart keeps it's baby formula locked behind a cash register. This cash register is also where the cigarettes are locked! So you can make a one-stop shopping trip. If they would only keep the gun shells at this same register.....

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS Michele! It is crazy what this world is coming too... I would hope in my very niave mind that these mothers are just going somewhere else in the middle of the month to get formula.... but that is just me!