Thursday, October 9, 2008

43 Things

There is a website called (no longer a valid site) that is a forum for people to create a to do list of 43 things they aspire to achieve. I made my own list a couple of years ago and revisited it today to update and see where I stood. Here it is...

1. Learn to do a split again.
2. Take Ariana to a Broadway show.
3. Catch up on organizing my photos. DONE
4. Take a new photography class.
5. Do Yoga daily.
6. See my friends more. DONE
7. Volunteer. DONE
8. Read one book per month. (reading more, but maybe 1 every 2 months)
9. Hike (really hike) at least 4 times in a year.
10. Take a picture every day to represent a year in my life. (lofty goal, but I am taking a lot of pictures)
11. Build a 3 season porch.
12. Write more often (and not just “to do” lists).
13. See “Wicked- A New Musical” in Boston.
14. Find a hat that I look good in.
15. Create a large painting with my daughters.
16. See Marlie perform. DONE
17. Learn to Belly Dance.
18. Go to at least 2 concerts.
19. Visit 10 new places in New Hampshire.
20. Learn to be on time.
21. Take a family vacation. DONE
22. Get my teeth fixed & try that “No Pain Dentist”.
23. Start selling on ebay. (Changed my mind on this one.)
24. More trips to the Library with Ariana. DONE
25. Go sledding. DONE
26. Go down the Saco when it’s not raining. (was pregnant this year)
27. Find out the history of my house. (tried, no luck so far)
28. Send a postcard to Postsecret.
29. Harvest a successful vegetable garden this year.
30. Visit IKEA
31. Learn to live more eco-friendly (in process)
32. Get a rain barrel.
33. Excel at Trip Advisor. (lost that job, apparently didn't excel enough!)
34. Go on a weekend road trip in the spring/summer for photography
35. Create a piece of clothing I will actually wear.
36. Catch up on my daughters journals. (doing well at this)

Ok, there are only 36 things... but that is still a lofty list! I am still plugging away, but this list was created before baby #3, so.....

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