Sunday, September 14, 2008

Operation Hornestock Success

Let's play catch up for a moment...

Friday was a blur. Danielle came & helped me prepare for the party. I grocery shopped, we prepared salads, cut vegetables... etc. After she left, I continued the planning which included more food prep, cleaning, organizing of games, cleaning & arranging of the deck, charging camera batteries.... there is SO much involved in party planning, I can see why people do it as a full time job.

Colby came home and chipped in with some tasks before we were both off to bed to end a week of pure exhaustion.

Saturday started early with Colby & Ariana off to a soccer game. I was pretty mellow as I pulled the final preparations together, I had organized fairly well and just needed to put everything in it's place. Colby's parents arrived first & then my folks soon after (Thank you, Mom for the much needed latte!) They helped me finish everything up and people started arriving fast & furious.

The final count was 50 people. It was so exciting to see friends we haven't seen in years and other friends who live just miles away. People were kind enough to venture from Providence; Gardiner, Maine; Boston; Keene; Berlin and beyond.

I believe a great time was had by all. They was laughter & overall giddiness heard from the hoards of children all day long. They enjoyed our new zip line (only 1 minor injury), the face painter (butterflies are very popular with the little girls), the caricature artist (more popular with the adults!), the bounce house, the baby roller coaster, and most of all... the water balloons and squirt guns! Uncle Shawn was kind enough to run out for a second round of balloons and came back with a armful of squirt guns and other water play. That man should have his own kids for the way all children flock to him.

I didn't get to socialize with everyone as much as I wanted to, but that is the issue when you are the event coordinator... just not enough time. I also didn't take nearly enough pictures (still not enough time). My dear husband was also running around keeping things coordinated, so it ran fairly smooth.

I thing we have decided to keep this an annual tradition. It is nice to have one big party and makes it easier for all of the friends and family from far away to be able to come for one birthday party instead of three. Now to come up with fun & unique ideas for these parties....

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