Monday, September 15, 2008


This has been a week of milestones. Acadia started smiling. She smiled for Colby first, a little crooked half-smile. And then for Ariana... and then it was my turn. She hasn't gone into the full blown, eyes-lit-up smile, but her crooked little grin is so endearing. Now it's the game of "Make Silly Faces Until She Smirks". That is always a fun game, especially for people looking on as you make a fool of yourself. As Ariana says, "Mom, you are soo embarrassing!

Also, just today, Annika started to pump her legs while swinging. For those of you without children, you might wonder, "That's a milestone?" Why, yes, it is. After pushing a child on a swing set daily for 2 or 3 years, it is a joy when they can power themselves. Although, it is also a sad moment, a moment when your little one grasps a small bit of independence. Actually, Annika didn't just grasp, she embraced. Ariana & I sat on the deck peering at her as she played on the swings for a good half hour, enthralled with her new ability. Her little legs must be so exhausted now after that workout!

Update: Today I caught a picture of Acadia as she flashed the 'full blown, eyes-lit-up smile' and posted it here.

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  1. Yeah it is a great thing when they can swing by themselves... indeed it is...