Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well, this will be quick, since it is 11pm and I am just getting home from work. I decided to go back today, which is ironic since it is labor day. I have a lot to catch up on from being off the past month, so I worked 8 hours, which is a lot for me. It is also a lot for Colby to be home alone with all 3 girls. I was glad to get home tonight to find all of the lights off. I had been afraid to come home and see him sitting up still trying to get Acadia to sleep. I was also glad to sneak upstairs & find him asleep with her on his chest. He has not had a chance to bond with her yet since he works so much, and I hope this gives him the chance. Although when I woke him up as I took Acadia off him, he was pretty grumpy. We'll see how the next 4 nights go. I am going to work until 11pm every night, so he will have some quality time with the girls all week and live in my shoes a little. He did well so far, the house is in pretty good order and there is leftover mac 'n cheese in the fridge, so they did eat dinner. I am sure Ariana was a big help as she loves to hold Acadia, feed her and change diapers. She is such a little mommy!

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