Saturday, September 27, 2008

Give Me A Break

Well, in my humble opinion, there was no real winner in last nights debate. I am a huge proponent of getting all the facts before I vote, which is why I watch debates. Unfortunately, last night, neither man would earn my vote. I just hate politics altogether. I can't understand how two people who want to run our democracy can have such polar opposite views on most every topic. Don't most Americans want similar things out of life?

It is so crazy how these two can just sit there & put words in each others mouths. Obama would state his opinion on a subject and then McCain would tell him he didn't really feel that way. How can you tell another person how they think? They spent a majority of the debate telling us how the other person thought & felt. It left me more confused than when it started.

I do have to say that Obama won by a landslide on personality. He engaged the moderator, the audience & even McCain. McCain was just a socially inept, creepy, smirking old man. He didn't even look towards Obama when he was taking to him. And when Obama was addressing him and looking directly at him, McCain would look down with this eerie sneer on his face. I would definitely want Obama to be the person we put out there to negotiate & interact with people.

Can't wait for the Vice Presidential debate, hopefully there will be less finger pointing and more revelations of where they actually stand on the issues.

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