Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day in My life

So, to start where I left off in my last post... I was up until around midnight after working all night. I climbed into bed & slept until about 2 when Acadia awoke for a feeding. After her feeding she didn't seem to fall into a deep sleep, she was restless for a couple of hours and finally around 4am she was really awake. I got up with her & worked on TripAdvisor for awhile as she hung out. At 6ish, she was tired agiain so I snuck back to bed for another 1.5 hours of sleep. Annika then woke me up to tell me it was "sunnytime", which means it's daylight & time to get up. Colby was off to work so I started to get Ariana ready for school: dressed, hair braided, teeth brushed, back pack packed, snack packed, shoes on... unfortunately because I had gotten up late, she was running late so there goes the bus. Ok, now I need to dress the other 2 so I can load them into the truck to drop Ariana at school. Dressing a 2 year old is a whole other ordeal, but we made it. Jump in the truck and (surprise) it is on empty! Ahhh, ok, run to the gas station first... promptly hit construction! Wait 5 minutes in traffic, get gas, wait 5 more minutes on the way back to the school. I get her there with 30 seconds to spare. She bolts for the doors...

Ok, back home, feed Acadia, get Annika a snack... crap I haven't eaten... oh well. Start on my first of 3 loads of laundry for the day. (For those of you who don't know, I refrain from using my dryer, so doing laundry is a bit more of a chore.)

Go online to plan my grocery shopping. Get out my coupons, make a list, gather it all in an envelope. Run & dress quickly as possible and put on a little make-up (still try not to look like a frumpy mom of 3). Pump some milk for the trip, pack the diaper bag, get kids & everything else packed in the truck, head to the grocery store. Damn construction again!

I won't even go into details about the grocery store, but let's just say it started with Annika having a tantrum on the floor because Acadia was in the top of the cart where she wanted to be. You can imagine the next hour from there.

Home. More laundry. General picking up around the house. I try to get Annika to nap, but she seems to be growing out of that. If she doesn't nap, though, no shower for me. Crap, still haven't eaten. Oh, well. We move outside to get some outdoor time. The deck is trashed as I have about 4 projects going on. No time to pick up now, Annika needs to be pushed on the swing. I realize after awhile that it is getting late & Ariana will be home soon. We go inside & I feed Acadia, she keeps falling asleep & not eating!

I gather up Ariana's dance clothes & get her dance bag together, she starts dance today & we only have a few minutes after she gets off the bus to get ready. She runs in, gets dressed and I try again to feed Acadia. We pack the truck up and head out to the dance studio. As we get there, it seems pretty empty, Ariana runs in and comes back to tell me she isn't starting for 2 more weeks! Lack of communication somewhere. Ok, we head for home.

I rush in and get dinner cooked so the family will have something to eat while I am at work. Crap, time to head to work... no shower for me today. Still haven't eaten either, grab 2 granola bars for dinner. We pack all in the truck one more time to go meet Colby and do the kid swap. As I open a granola bar, Annika spies it, "Mommy, I want a granola bar." Umm, ok. There goes half of my dinner. We meet Colby, switch vehicles & I run in to work. It is 6 and I work until 11 again. I get home just after 11, grab Acadia off Colby, head to bed to feed her, read a few pages to unwind before falling asleep, and then pass out.

So, Jen asked how I was doing... I am pretty damn tired right now. But, I am healthy, the kids are healthy and happy, so it is all worth it and I wouldn't change a thing... well possible a more appreciative & caring husband, but I guess all women want that!

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  1. I don't know HOW you do it!!!! I love you!