Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog over Coffee

Ok, I have a quick minute while I drink my morning java to give an update of the week.

• Acadia started to eat solid foods in the form of a goldfish fed to her by Annika. (Wait, let me clarify for those of you without a pantry full of toddler snacks... that is a goldfish cracker, not one from a fish bowl!)

• Ariana lost another tooth, on the top next to her front teeth. She now has the classic buck-tooth smile and we can see she is destined for braces.

• Found out my father is quite ill yet still going to work 6 days a week. It's that stereotypical downeast work ethic of a shipyard union worker. It is a really sad life... never going on a vacation, never stopping to smell the roses, never enjoying life for what it really is. I do need to make the trek to Maine to see him and introduce him to 2 granddaughters he has never met.

•Colby & I went to a wedding yesterday. It was the first time I was away from Acadia for more than a couple of hours & the first time she had a sitter. We had a good time, lots of laughs, some at the expense of the wedding guest who clearly had too much to drink from the flask he brought into the wedding. Also lots of laughs with Colb's coworker who is 60ish years old and has lived through the tribulations of 3 daughters of his own.

• This was our first full week of soccer, dance classes and me going back to both jobs full swing. We quickly decided I would need to change my schedule around as I was up until midnight or later working on TripAdvisor and Colby was up until 2am writing a paper for school. We also only got to sit down to 2 meals all week as a whole family... not acceptable. I rearranged my schedule at work and we will try it out in 2 weeks, hopefully a better arrangement for all of us to spend time together and get to bed at a reasonable hour!

Ok, I need to get myself & the girls ready for a trip to the farm for apple picking & hayrides. Hopefully I can survive 3 against 1. Although I am going with Leslie & Lori and I know they will step in and help if I need it.

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