Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apple Pickin', Pumpkins & Tractor Rides

These girls have a third generation friendship. Their grandparents were friends, their fathers grew up as great friends and now they continue the tradition. They don't live right near each other, which makes the friendship all the better (absence makes the heart grow fonder!) But each weekend they are begging to see each other, and they get along wonderfully. They can have fun whether they are on vacation with their dull parents or simply singing Hannah Montana in the basement. One is a dancer while the other is an accomplished swimmer; one loves to read, the other, not so much; one is overbearing, the other sensitive; they are different in so many ways, yet they love each other for it.

Last weekend we all went to a farm in Lee for apple picking, pumpkin picking & tractor rides. We spent a good portion of the day there, playing on the playground, having a picnic and enjoying the last day of summer. It was a beautiful day, which makes the end of the season that much sadder. I just hope our winter is not quite as long this year.

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