Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I caught a segment on a new talk show today called The Doctor's. The segment was about the pain of childbirth. The show has 4 doctors from different specialties who help people with their issues. A woman stated that her issue was a fear of the pain of childbirth. The one doctor touted the importance of drugs during deliver while the other told her she could have an elective C-section. Nobody even mentioned the old fashioned breathing technique or tub birth or any other natural way of easing pain while delivering a baby. I was in awe that on a national television show with millions of viewers, they were completely acting as though having a baby naturally weren't even an option! Now, as all of my friends know, I am pro-drugs all the way and I had 2 of my children via an epidural. However, I think women who have not had children need to know all their options and when doctors make it out like natural child birth needs to be avoided, you scare them. And if a woman is scared right from the beginning, they won't even consider having a baby naturally.
When Acadia was just born, I had an intern at the delivery. He was very excited that I was delivery naturally because the majority of the births he had attended to that point were C-section. It so amazing to me that someone would elect to have a surgery rather than go through a process that your body is completely capable of doing. I think a lot of these women do elect to have it because lazy doctors have made it seem antiquated to just have a baby. It really is too bad and I am so glad I had my girls the way I did since it was the most amazing thing I have ever accomplished.

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