Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I do it.

If 10,000 Biter parents avoid purchasing formula for a year, we'll keep half the weight of the International Space Station in empty formula cans out of landfills.

Break out the full moons. In addition to smartening up your newborn, breastfeeding is less expensive than bottle-feeding, and has health payoffs for both mom and child that are outta this world.

The Benefits
Getting NASA scouts knocking on your door. A study of almost 14,000 kids found that breastfed tots had an average of 7.5 more IQ points than nonbreastfed kids (possibly due to a beneficial chem in breast milk).
Unearthly health benefits for moms. Women who lactate for two-plus years over their lifetimes reduce breast cancer risk by 24%. Bonus: Fat gained during pregnancy is an energy source for lactation (so yeah - you'll lose weight as you "feed"...about 500 calories a day).
Galaxy-size cash savings. Moms who breastfeed can expect to save $800 or more per year on formula.
A cleaner solar system. Breastfeeding avoids the packaging and energy used to make baby formula products.

But, man, is it hard!
I have such a hard time staying on schedule. Since I am not the type of mom to whip out her boob in public, I have to plan to be in a private place every 2-3 hours of EVERY day!

But it is near impossible. Take last Wednesday... I took the girls to the park at noon and pumped right before we left. I was able to feed Acadia at 2 at the park with the bottle, which was good. Unfortunately it did not relieve my engorged chest! We went home around 4:30 to get Annika ready for dance class and ended up being late, so I brought a bottle of formula & fed Acadia that at the dance studio. (Chest continually growing...) I then had a meeting from 6:30 to 8. (Could everyone see my upper body might just explode???) And then I hadn't been out of the house in a week so I needed to stop for a couple of groceries.

By the time I got back home, I barely got in the house before I had my bra off to nurse.

It is hard. But I know since my other 2 girls are so healthy & smart, I don't want to mess with what works so far.

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