Saturday, August 2, 2008

The waiting game

I bought our Boppy & our baby tubby... I have gotten the video camera out & charging, the still camera charged, my clothes washed & packed... now it is all about the waiting! Giving birth is one of the true surprises in life that is filled with so much excitement. There are times in your life that you wait with incalculable anticipation. Like when you are 5 and you seem as though you might burst waiting for Christmas. Or as your wedding day approached, it seemed as though it will never come.

But birth is different. It is the only time when you do not know when it will happen, so your expectancy seems to grow with every minute. And it could be hours or days or weeks! So your heart continues to beat faster & your mind races wildly and you just don't know when it will end...

Relish each minute of it....

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