Monday, August 4, 2008


We had a mellow weekend, I worked my last day at Staples, I am on official maternity leave! Yay. I did continue with my TripAdvisor, since that does not take too much physical effort. Colby spent a lot of time with the girls, & his stress level showed it by the end of the weekend. He is certainly not accustomed to that much dedicated time with them, but they enjoyed it, Annika takes to being a daddy's girl. He even brought home a mini trampoline from a neighborhood yard sale, so she is psyched! Ariana started dance camp today, which I didn't even realize until about 7:30am! That will make my days slightly easier this week as I wait for Acadia to arrive. Of course, Annika is really sad that her sister is at dance and she is stuck home with me. She is still wearing her dance clothes, apparently hoping that I will whisk her away to dance class at any moment.

So, now, more waiting......

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