Sunday, August 24, 2008

The end is near

The end of summer, that is. Ariana starts school Tuesday, so this was our last weekend of summer. Colb took Ariana & Kaitlin to an Elvis show (All Shook Up) on Friday. Saturday Ariana got to go to the beach with the Turmels while Colb hiked with Joe. I had the pleasure of Danielle's company as we pondered Mars & Venus.

Danielle was also kind enough to bring many spare vegetables from her garden. Colb & I then had a delicious pasta & clam dinner made with fresh pesto. So yummy. And I have to get a good recipe for all the zucchini she gave me.

Dow then came over to hang in the evening with us, haven't seen him in awhile, so it was good to catch up. Poor baby was pretty downtrodden that we didn't have ESPN this morning so he could catch his sports updates. He had to rush home after that since we had our fantasy football draft today... only to find out an hour before the draft that he couldn't attend as his wife had made plans!!! HAHAHAH- now that's some funny stuff, especially when you see the team he got & the fact that we started a keeper league!!! OH, AND the fact that I got the first draft pick & picked up Tom Brady! Oh, man, what a great start!

Brock & Tina joined us at our house for the draft, which was nice since we hadn't seen them in forever either. We caught up with them, seems as though they have had a busy summer. Both of them had gorgeous new ink. Tina has a beautiful butterfly, very feminine, which I love. Hopefully we can see more of them now that football is here.

Colb & I did a few things around the yard and then Dan & Les brought Ariana home & stuck around for a beer & a little gossip on the deck. More Mars & Venus!

Isolde is brilliant!

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