Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adventures in Hiking

I took all 3 girls on a little hike yesterday so that we might enjoy a little of what's left of summer. It was Acadia's 1st hike, although I am sure she couldn't see much from inside the sling. We went to a dam that Ariana loves to play around on and Annika quickly picked up some rock climbing skills. I wasn't thinking about how much Annika like to follow Ariana and how adventurous Ariana is. I had my heart in my throat more than once as Annika climbed all around the dam. But she held her own.

When we first arrived, Annika promptly had to pee. So I held her hands, had her lean down & try to pee... never works so well with a 2 year old... she peed all over her undies. So we took those off and she went commando for the hike.

After being at the dam only a few minutes, I heard Ariana yell "Annika!" with disgust in her voice. They were about 20 feet away & I could see that Annika was just standing there. What I couldn't see was that she had her dress pulled up and she was pooping! Man, what is it about the woods that makes kids have to go to the bathroom. And then, no more than 10 minutes later, I look over and see her with her dress hiked up again, peeing down the rocks! Ughhhh.

After that, the girls just played as I snapped lots of pictures. Ariana also took some of me & Acadia, she did pretty well. Acadia was really good the whole time. She slept most of the time in the sling and when I brought her out, she just looked around & watched the dam & the scenery quietly.

Unfortunately, after about an hour, we had to head back since Ariana had to poop! It was a very nice trip out with my girls, hopefully we can do it again soon when the mosquitoes clear up a little.

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  1. oh my goodness....that cracked me up! Annika! hahaha