Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Acadia's Arrival Part 2

The epidural came quick enough, I think I got it by 10pm, which was wonderful. I am not one of those women who thinks enduring the pain of childbirth is 'empowering'. I think it's just painful!

My mom arrived in plenty of time... she & Colb got to watch the Red Sox game while I rested. I wanted to wait for the very last second to start pushing so that she would (hopefully) pop right out. It was all pretty peaceful until I turned to Colby and said something mundane like 'How 'bout them Sox?' and the urge to vomit hit like a ton of bricks! (This is 'transition' for those of you who have not birthed a child.) Colb got the bucket under my mouth in the nick of time! After this ordeal, I knew it was time. The nurse came in within minutes as she had seen the change on my monitors. I told her it was time to push so she summoned the doctor. With the doctor came an intern from Dartmouth Hitchcock. He was supposed to do the delivery with her supervision.

I only needed to push 3 or 4 times, my plan had worked. Although Acadia came with her hand at her face (from sucking her thumb), so the doctor had to take over & get her out, this did cause me to need a couple of stitches.

When she came out, she was as perfect as could be... round head, 10 fingers, 10 toes... wonderful. She looked so tiny, but she was 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

It was very surreal at that moment, Colby & I watched her with awe on my chest, my mom looked on and I lay there with my legs spread wide as 2 doctors had an anatomy lesson between my legs. My doctor was showing the intern how to stitch me and it seemed to take half an hour. I could hear them discussing the size of needle, the type of stitch to use, stitching the muscle and then the skin... etc. There really is no other time in life where it would be normal to have a conversation with your mom & husband while 2 other people are conversing between your naked legs.

She was born at 1:37am and Colb & my mom left around 4 so that we could rest. Neither of us got any sleep that night, she just seemed to want to feed all night, which was fine with me because I wanted her in my arms all night. The next 2 days in the hospital were wonderful, I held her constantly as we lounged peacefully. It was very quiet and the staff pretty much let us be since she was my 3rd child, they didn't feel they needed to bother us.

My homecoming was great too. It was the first sunny day in a long time. My house was spotless and friends & family had left food so I didn't need to cook. Colb, myself, the girls & my mother & father-in-law relaxed outside all day. My in-laws took the girls for walks & bike rides, we sat on the deck soaking up the sun & then sat in front of the fire pit & had Smores once the sun went down. It really was a perfect day... & probably the last day of peace for a very long time!

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