Saturday, July 5, 2008


On the last night we were on our vacation, Colb & I were free of the kids and free to actually go to a nice restaurant to eat. As there was no internet access at the lake and we had limited knowledge of our surroundings, we decided to head towards Alton Bay to possibly find a place on the water. We input 'restaurants' into the GPS and headed on our way. In Alton, there were no restaurants, the GPS led us to New Durham which listed a few. We headed to the closest one... as we neared, I spotted the sub title on the sign: 'Dairy Bar'. While this is a delicacy for many a Berliner (including my excited husband)- I did not want to spend my only adult-only meal eating fried anything.

So, we moved to the next restaurant on the list: Sporto's. I had to assume it was some type of sports bar. Ha! As we rounded the bend, I saw some golfers playing and then assumed it must be a sort of country club/ golf course. Ha Ha! We soon passed in front of the 'restaurant'. It actually took a second to register with both Colby & I. It looked pretty much like our shed outback. The side of the building was lettered with the name, although there were letters missing. If I recall it said something to the effect of 'Sporto's amily Rest urant' "Oh, yeah, this beats the dairy bar for sure," Colby snickered at me. I wish I had taken a photo at that point, as I just can't describe this place & give it the justice I'd like. But if you ever find yourself in New Durham, please drive by there and get a gander at the fine dining you can find in the backwoods of New Hampshire- it just might put an end to all those Maine jokes I have to listen to.

P.S. We did drive back to Alton Bay and find a nice place on the water to eat and enjoyed a very quiet meal with great food and conversation that didn't include potty time or Hannah Montana.

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