Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Business of Being Born

After the cancellation of cable, we have been watching more Netflix media (either via DVD or instantly online). I have watched a lot of documentaries recently. One that I learned a lot from was "The Business of Being Born". It was full of a bunch of interesting facts about birth in our country that I really never stopped to think about. It is very biased towards the use of midwives, but I think that you will find that any person who is taking the time & initiative to compose a documentary is doing so to get their own agenda across. With that said, I recommend it to anyone having a baby, as it is quite interesting & will make you think....

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  1. we actually watched this on saturday - it was very interesting. i feel like i was lucky in having best of both worlds (for me) having midwife "philosophies", but being able to be in a hospital. not sure if i would be brave enough to do at home.
    oh & so happy for you that she flipped around! so close ... only a few more weeks!