Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Netflix Part Deux

Another show I enjoy to watch instantly on Netflix is Penn & Teller's Bullshit. They take on topics & try to prove/disprove popular opinions on them. Things such as bottled water, abstinence, the death penalty, etc... The most recent issue that I watched was about Wal-Mart. They were actually trying to prove that Wal-Mart was ok. They made some valid points that I couldn't really disagree with. I worked at Wal-mart when I was in high school & never took much issue with them. They paid an ok wage for our area (quite rural) I had a stock purchase plan (pretty profitable) and could work whatever shift that worked for me (night so that I could spend the days at the beach).

However, I wouldn't shop there today if you paid me. I despise that store. The second I pull into the parking lot, anxiety rushes over me. There always seem to be stray kids running in front of my car & very impatient people determined to fight over the nearest parking spot. As soon as I enter the store, I just get a vibe that brings me down. One day, as I was returning a gift I had received, a girl approached the service desk with her toddler. She asked to use the phone as her son had shut the car door with her keys,cell phone and purse locked inside. The employee told her there was a pay phone near layaway. The girl repeated that her purse had been locked in the car. Then employee stated that she could not use the phone due to company policy. As I handed the girl my cell phone, it reiterated to me why I so disliked this place so much. I am a big proponent of customer service & kindness in general, and I never find this when I walk through those big sliding doors. It is hard for working families to turn away from Wal-Mart because they consistently have the lowest prices on everything, but I will bite the bullet & find other ways to save money just to not put myself through the stress of shopping at a cold, heartless store.

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