Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesus Christ!

I am fuming right now so I thought I would share...

On my photoblog today is a photo that I love of a ring posed on a book casting a heart shadow. I actually took this picture months ago and it was a posed picture. I had grabbed a book off my shelf to set up the shot. I do not even know now which book it is.

Anyhow, some crazy lady posted a note on my photoblog:
"...However, I don't appreciate the comment you featured on the right - our Lord's name used in vain." And by 'featured', she means that the book contains the text "for Christ's sake". (Oops, I have 'featured' it again.) I guess I shall be struck by lightning now... having this book somewhere in my house that has those sacreligious words in it. This is exactly why I take issue with organized religion & the people who 'follow' it. This lady had the time to be looking through the 459 images posted today on Aminus3 to find that miniscule text to take offense to??? Oh, I am sure she is some sort of Mother Theresa who has the right to cast stones, but cast them at somebody a little closer to home & leave me out of it. Art is art, and if something so silly is going to cause her discord by even seeing it, possibly being on a photoblog that isn't a faith-based photoblog is not the right place for her.

It reminded me of these videos I had watched a while back on YouTube that featured 'Christ Followers' versus Christians. I know nothing of Christ Followers, but the videos were a hilarious depiction of how hypocritical some religious people can be. If you have time, you should watch a couple of the videos... quite amusing.

Ok, I have vented.....

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