Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Am A Mommy, Through and Through

We are back from our vacation and we had a wonderful time. It was just so foreign to us to be so free with no agenda, no chores, no honey-do lists. The ultimate part of the whole vacation was watching the girls playing endlessly. This was our first family vacation and it is not often that we can all be so carefree. It is a side of my girls that I do not often get to see. Usually we are doing homework, practicing piano, running from dance class to softball practice.

We only brought them limited toys... 3 plastic pails, softball & gloves, a fishing pole, football & soccer ball, and some noodles. You'd think they would have bored early on, but they really didn't need anything more than the lake and the bullfrog pond behind the camp. No matter what time of day, 7am or 6pm, you could hear the squeals of 2 very happy little girls running around; oblivious to time, poor weather or anything except each other.

After 6 days all together, we dropped the girls off with our friends and family so that we could enjoy our anniversary alone. Colby & I arrived back at the camp Friday evening. It was quiet and calm. I went to the dock & looked at the bright buckets & remnants of my girls digging in the sand. Tears came to my eyes as I suddenly missed they laughter & the jubilant air.

Don't get me wrong, I am not the type of mom who always has to have her children around. As a matter of fact, I am a big proponent of moms keeping their independence & teaching their daughters that a woman can be a mom and a dynamic, outgoing person also. Just ask Tabatha and Isolde, when we spent a week in Mexico, there were certainly no tears shed!

But there are times in life where you just thoroughly enjoy things more when your children are present. It sounds cliche, but nothing touches your heart more than the smile of your child or the sound of her innocent giggle.

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