Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a Turnoff

In an effort to simplify our lives (if that is at all possible) we are getting rid of our cable tv. We are hoping this will give us a kick in the butt to use our heads a little more. We have found Ariana to be getting sucked more & more into tv everyday. It puts her in some magical trance where everything else on earth suddenly disappears and it scares me.

Along with this we are getting rid of our huge 50" tv, it is just a huge piece of furniture which holds no aesthetic value. It will be nice to not have a tv in our bedroom. When we did not have a tv, Colb & I used to both read before bed every night, I actually had to visit the library pretty frequently to get us new books... since the tv has been in there, I have been on the same book for 3 months! And with the 3rd baby, that will probably be the only time Colb & I can converse without interruption.

Wish us luck.... there might be some withdrawals!


  1. As for that large TV you are getting rid of.... are you by chance selling it???