Thursday, June 19, 2008

Space Invader

For those of you who took anatomy class, you would probably agree that there is not a lot of 'extra' room in the human body. There are not random pockets of space waiting to be filled. So, why is it that nature thinks we can squeeze a whole extra human into a females torso??? Yes, your belly skin stretches out a little, but that is not nearly enough room for a whole other person. My particular little person has decided to just take the space she needs... which leaves no room for my important organs, such as ribs, lungs, bladder, etc. I can see why the doctors are finding my belly measuring so small, she is simply usurping my body to do with it as she wants, and as long as i can't eat anything or breathe or hold anything in my bladder over 1 ounce, she is all set!

Ok, Michele, just 6 weeks to go and your body will be yours again....

1 comment:

  1. when i saw the title, i thought hmmm ... atari game? - but you found the perfect name for big babies in small spaces! i hear ya is extremely uncomfortable ... i remember thinking, if i take one more step, i swear she is going to fall out - she was so low for the last couple weeks ... wish it was that easy! when you are in the bathroom peeing for the 2oth time & barely being able to breathe because your lungs are all smooshed, & can only fit a single cherrio in you, because your stomach is no longer ... just think how lucky you are to feel the little "butterflies" when she moves! she's comin soon ... yippee! hugs ...