Thursday, June 26, 2008

Late Breaking Update

I seemed to have found a random WiFi signal here on the lake, so I will post a quick update...

I had my 30th ultrasound on Monday, which showed she is the perfect size, approximately 5 pounds. BUT, she is transverse! That means, she has 2 weeks to get her head down or I will have to go into the hospital for a painful procedure that includes me being manhandled to manipulate her into position. I really do not want to do that, I have had such luck with easy deliveries with the first 2! But this does explain why I have felt like she is taking up my whole body... she is!!! This is what is making me so uncomfortable, I knew it wasn't this bad with the other 2.

We are having a wonderful vacation on the lake, although it has rained every day. The kids are having a blast and we are just content to relax and not have any responsibilities! We have had a few guests, which is really nice and we have enjoyed a lot of quiet time. I have read at least 10 magazines & almost finished 2 books. Colby & I have played each other around a dozen trivia games on the Wii (I think we are currently tied in the tournament) We are all not looking forward to going home, but we still have 3 full days of vacation to enjoy... so ta ta for now!

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