Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, it has been 6 years... of marriage that is. We have been together for 9 years! Wow, a lot can happen in 9 years...

Wedding proposals from the top of the Prudential: 1
Kids: 2.75
Guests at wedding: 14
Houses owned: 2
Apartments: 4
Towns lived in: 4
Foreign countries visited together: 1 (Canada)
German exchange students: 1
Cats: 3
Jobs: 7
College classes completed: 20
Dance recitals attended: 10
Nannies: 2
Sailing expeditions: 1
Times we have been alone overnight since birth of 2 children: 2
Decks built:1
Rooms painted: 21
Kitchens built: 1
Cars owned: 5
Ipods owned: 6
Broadway shows: 2
Trips to the ER: 4
Date of first date: 9/9/99
New living room sets purchased: 1
New beds purchased: 1
Computers owned: 5
Photos of our family: approx. 4000
Piercings received: 6
Plane trips for children: 1
Apples picked: dozens
Birthday cakes dropped on floor: 1
6 foot stuffed lizard given as gift: 1
Years in piano lessons: 1
Years living apart due to work: 1.5
Cards, poems & other writings penned for each other: to fill a trunk
Times Michele has been told "Ariana (and/or Annika) acts JUST like her father: countless (YIKES!)
Parenting books owned: 6
Dan Zanes concerts: 2
Wiggles concerts: 1
Ani concerts: 3
Buffett concerts: 2
9 Inch Nails concerts while quite pregnant: 1
Children started on fire: 1
Children fallen down stairs: 2
Children with stitches: 1
Number of the family members who dares to parasail: 1
Times Ariana cut her own hair: 4
Times Ariana has cut her sisters hair (so far): 1

It is a long winding road, but the trip sure is fun!

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