Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Talk

I went to Maine for my baby shower last weekend. It was great to see my family and old friends. I received lots of great gifts... this girl is going to be wearing a different outfit 3 times a day just to wear them all.

It was a great weekend, nice weather, lots of food (yummy cake!) and I slept in on Saturday! Yay! The girls got to take 4 wheeler rides with grampy (at least Ariana did, Annika has become fearful of the loud noise), they walked grammy's gardens with her and had lots of cousins to play in the fields with. Oh, and the ticks were just extra fun.

I took my Target gifts cards & bought the remaining baby things I needed, and now we have pretty much everything. It is way easier to prepare for the third child, as we already had 80% of what we needed. I just hope the nursing goes as well as it did with the first two, as I do not plan to buy any formula, I'd like to do it as exclusively as possible. Both Ariana & Annika were jaundiced, so we started supplimenting formula right away. That made me lazy because it was so much easier and therefore we stuck with both nursing & formula. But, only time will tell....

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